Streets and Sidewalks have always been important to the southwest community. I often hear folks from the Montgomery annexation period say we were promised sidewalks, which never came. Since I’ve been in office, thousands of feet on NEW sidewalks have been added. I have received a commitment from city staff to update our pedestrian sidewalk master plan. This new plan will prioritize the construction of new sidewalks in south west Chula Vista. I will continue my work to find and secure funding for more sidewalks for south west Chula Vista.Chula Vista City Hall focuses more on Eastlake


Since the passage of Measure ‘P‘, which was a half cent sales tax approved by Chula Visyta voters, we have resurfaced miles of streets in west Chula Vista. West Chula Vista has received and benefited the most from Measure ‘P‘ funding. I promised to insure the city focuses more on west Chula Vista and we have done exactly that. Within a year or so, we will attain an average of 80%  PCI (Pavement Condition Index).  We rate our streets from 0% to 100% (100% is best condition).  We have also reduced the number of pot holes on our city streets.