The Chula Vista Police Department has not met it’s Priority 1 response times in well over a decade. Historically, every candidate for city council has promised you to reduce police response times and that public safety is their priority.  I have worked hard with our city staff and City Council to hire more police officers and support personnel to help bring down response times. By April on 2020 we will have 124 patrol officers and by August of 2020 we’ll have 144. With all the new police officer hires, we will get the response times down. We have also increased to use of technology to help fight crime and reduce response times. The first was to upgrade the police department’s old CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) with a new modern system that allows better record keeping and data collection. The new CAD system also helps to dispatch the closest unit through it Vehicle Location technology. Another great tool is the integration of a drone as first responder. The Police Department is now using drones to assist police officers by getting to the scene in an average of 90 seconds which allows command staff to have eyes on scene to assist police officers on the ground. The drone has been able to release police officers on the ground before they arrive on scene, thus keeping them in service for other emergencies. I will continue to make public safety a priority.


Fire had not met it’s response time for 6 years prior to me getting on the city council. Today, the fire department is meeting it’s response time threshold. Public safety response times was one of my campaign priorities. In the Fire Department we have begun to add a fourth firefighter on our fire apparatus. The data that we have collected since beginning this new staffing model, show that we are getting off task quicker and thus allowing the fire engines to get back into service to run other calls, and that is exactly what they have done. The four person engine company model has helped to reduce response times. With Measure ‘A’, which is the 1/2 cent sales tax, we have been able to add many new firefighters. We will be opening a new fire station at Millenia in the near future. On our side of town, we will be relocating two fire stations. These new fire stations will be located at Moss and Naples (Sta 9) and another on the property just east of the South Library (Orange).  we will be able reduce response times by having the station located in the best tactical location.